Music Ministry

Giving praise and glory to God in song!

We desire to worship the Lord in a spirited, uplifting way, that both gives glory to God and readies the heart of the worshiper.  Music is a tremendously important part of any worship program.

Our worship style is what many might consider "contemporary."  More specifically, such performance artists as Gateway, Elevate Worship, and Hillsong are examples of the types of music we wish to worship with.

While we will worship with pre-recorded audio-visual tracks, as necessary, our ultimate desire is to worship to live music.  So, we need live musicians--and vocalists!  If you play the keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, or other instruments that would go well in a worship band--or, if you sing--we would love to have you with us.

Please visit our Launch Team page for more information.

"Sing to him, sing praises to him; tell of all his wondrous works!"

Psalm 105:2 (ESV)