I’m New Here

What to expect...

Visiting any place for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience. We know that this is especially true when you visit a church. Well, take a deep breath and RELAX! Here's the first thing we want you to know:

We want you here!

That's right. We want you here. No matter your background, no matter your race, your nationality, your lifestyle--you may even be completely skeptical about the Christian faith--it doesn't matter. We want you here.

Dress casual

You won't see any suits, ties, or church dresses here!  We want you to be comfortable so you can give your full attention to worship.

Where do I go?

From the moment you arrive in our parking lot, our warm, friendly, hospitality team will guide you to the worship center and will provide you with any information that you might need. Make yourself at home, and enjoy complementary refreshments before and after the service!

What about my kids?

Even now, we are working hard to recruit and train volunteers who will lead our children's and teens' ministries. All of our workers will have successfully passed a criminal background check and will work hard to make a great experience for your child. Of course, if you are more comfortable keeping your children with you at first, you are more than welcome to keep them with you during the service.